The Project

The results of the SALVO Project have been collated into an integrated process for better decision-making. This involves a combination of structured step-by-step guidance for each type of asset management decision and innovative techniques. These techniques are used for quantifying expert knowledge, exploring the effects of uncertainty, putting a price on 'intangibles' and using state-of-the-art analysis tools to instantly calculate the business impact of different decision options, intervention timings and other scenarios. The SALVO process fits neatly alongside existing strategy development methods, risk management processes and other business disciplines.


Existing Methods and Best Practices

Reliability and risk-based methods such as FMEA, RCM, RBI, QRA and LCC already exist for selection of appropriate inspection and maintenance techniques, for life cycle costing and risk assessment. But there are many flavours, variants and confusions about what to use, when and to what level of detail, and it is difficult to integrate the processes into a transparent and proportionate process. 

SALVO  incorporate such methods into a more systematic approach, but also recognises the selective strengths and limitations of each and compensates for these to create a much more flexible and robust 'toolbox'  approach to asset management. In particular, SALVO adds the vital 'business case' stage, helping us to convert a technical justification into value-for-money language. SALVO bridges the gap between engineering/asset-centric focus and the business/financial world.

Innovations and integrations

In a number of areas, SALVO  has broken significant new ground in how decisions can and should be made. It has created an unparalleled capability to quantify, evaluate and compare strategies and scenarios, such as the best time for maintenance or renewal, the effects of maintenance strategy upon asset life, the optimal technology upgrade timing, the financial impact of data uncertainty and the economic value of intangibles such as reputation, morale and customer impression. Now it is possible to demonstrate not just what is worthwhile and when, but also why.

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The SALVO 'Smiley'

The whole, integrated process comprises a top-down focus onto the most important problems and improvement opportunities, followed by a bottom-up evaluation, justification, integration and optimization of the actions or changes that are worth doing as a result. This rigorous approach enables logical, transparent and business value-prioritised solutions. Furthermore, it can be used in a wide range of circumstances:

  • Systematic reviews of risks or improvement opportunities: such as criticality-prioritised study programmes, asset health reviews, maintenance strategy developments, aging asset renewal studies etc.

  • Specific asset problems - identifying the root causes, the right solutions and justification of the change or intervention that is worthwhile, at the optimal timing.

  • Systematic reviews of existing activities such as inspection, maintenance, capital investment programmes or spares/inventory.

  • Proposed intervention decisions - such as evaluation of a capital project, or when to replace an asset.


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The total process and individual components of SALVO are now available commercially under license (see and are already being used successfully in various industries. 

Published conference paperscase studiespodcasts and videos are available to introduce the processes.

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SALVO Tools & Methods


  • Comprehensive range of modular training courses.
  • 1-3 day units with in-house, public and customised delivery options.
  • 3-tier Competency Framework for Certified practitioners, facilitators and consultants.


  • Taster workshops to trial SALVO on your own cases.
  • Facilitated study programmes to explore and integrate into your business processes.
  • Call-in expert analyst service for periodic studies or taskforce review programmes.

Software tools 

  • Modular decision-support suite
  • Enterprise, network & PC configurations
  • Software-as-a-Service options (access on-line)