Decision Support Tools (DST)

The SALVO Project consortium specified and developed 

leading-edge technologies for decision-support.

The SALVO Process is supported by Decision Support Tools that were developed to help monetize the different value drivers (risks, performance, sustainability etc, including ‘intangibles’ like reputation), handle the trade-offs, explore uncertainties and find the optimal strategy.  The modular toolkit supports all types of decisions, in all stages of the asset life cycle, from individual intervention justifications and timings up to the optimization of whole portfolios and investment or intervention programmes.

More than just 'data analytics'

Decision Support Tools, (DST) were developed to provide the combination of process guidance (‘force the right questions to be asked, of the right people, in the right way’) as well as leading-edge modelling and optimization functions.  They help you to quantify the total business impact of decisions, in terms of cost, risk, performance, sustainability, compliance, safety, environment and intangibles. 

They enable real-time, instant ‘what if?’ exploration of options, scenarios, uncertainties and alternative assumptions, while also identifying and documenting why a decision is right.  Such an audit trail creates confidence and consensus for different stakeholders.

Helping you, every step of the way

The SALVO Process plus the DST Strategy Evaluator toolkit represent a unique and comprehensive solution.

Applications range across all aspects of investment, operations, maintenance, renewal and logistics support decision making.

Try it for yourself, through a pilot study, which will rapidly show you both the enormous value of the approach and its applicability to your business environment, assets and decisions to be taken.

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